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How to Record Live Video From PyCon

PyCon has so many awesome talks! The problem is that they are happening at the same time!

To deal with this I have a 2 part solution:

  • First I goto a page I want to watch and run this JS code I whipped up to grab the actual video URLS:

JS Code:

for (m in player_jwobject.config.modes) {
    if (player_jwobject.config.modes[m].config.levels) {
        for (l in player_jwobject.config.modes[m].config.levels) {
            console.log(" - " + player_jwobject.config.modes[m].config.levels[l].file)

Note that this code gives you both html5 and flash options for streaming video. And will look like this:

  • Chose and dump one of these streams. Either will probably work fine however I chose to low quality html5 stream:

Command to run (requires mplayer):

mplayer -dumpstream ""\
 -dumpfile interpetermplayer

Or use ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i\?q\=1363381000621 pycon.webm

This will save the webm stream to a file called: interpetermplayer